Buying a new vehicle can either be exciting or daunting. Upgrading to a nicer and newer vehicle is something many people look forward to. But, figuring out how to sell their existing car without haggling with buyers or worrying about being taken advantage of sometimes overshadows the car-buying experience. Thankfully, here at Vorderman Volkswagen in Fort Wayne, we have simplified the process! Thanks to the new tool on our website, you can now enter details such as your vehicle's make, model, year, and condition and instantly receive a trade-in estimate! Although this estimate can fluctuate once one of our experts can inspect the vehicle in person, it is usually very accurate and helps you get a ballpark figure without ever having to step foot in our door!

This means if one of your main hesitations about buying a newer car was what to do with your current one, you could put in the details of your current car on our website via the new tool. Then, you can choose the vehicle on our lot that you are interested in. Finally, our website will give you a breakdown of the value we estimate your trade-in is worth and how that will affect the total price you can expect to pay and even provide estimates about monthly payments! We would love for everyone to drive their dream car every day, which is why we love our new tool. Instead of worrying about finding the car, you love and then being let down by the trade-in value of your vehicle, you can be provided with those details upfront. There is no reason not to consider checking the value of your trade-in and stepping into the car you want!