We all know it's important to kick the tires perse before you sign on the dotted line. We understand the excitement of purchasing a newer ride. However, before you let your head get filled with flights of fancy, take a step back and follow these simple test-driving tips from Vorderman Volkswagen near Fort Wayne and ensure you are taking home the car you truly desire.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – But Your Eyes Don't Lie

Anyone can take a picture from a great angle. When you see a photo of a great vehicle that looks perfect online, you may rush to the dealership or call the person to buy the vehicle sight unseen. However, that's a mistake. Before you purchase any vehicle and before you hop in and take it for a test drive, give it a good once over.

Make sure the tires have the proper air. Evaluate the body to see if there are any defects. Your eyes can see things in real life that you can't perceive over a computer screen. Take the time and ensure you're driving a safe vehicle.

Protect Your Right to Say No

Before you show up for a test drive, make a copy of your license, insurance, and registration. Why? There are some, shall we say, less scrupulous dealerships that ask for your license and vehicle documentation to hold while you take their car for a test drive to keep you in the dealership trying to force a sale.

They hold your physical documents hostage while they try to convince you to buy. However, they don't require your original documentation. Make a copy of your paperwork before you arrive and leave when you are ready.