Buying a new car near South Bend is a fun experience. But it can also leave you worried you might make the wrong decision. Vorderman Volkswagen wants to help you feel confident about the new car you buy, which is why we recommend you ask a few simple questions.

Does the Car Come with a Warranty?

Always ask if the new car you have your eye on comes with a warranty. The standard Volkswagen warranty covers 50,000 miles or four years after you buy.

What is the Total Amount?

Asking about the total amount you need to pay will help avoid hidden surprises when you sign your paperwork. In addition to the sticker price, you need to pay taxes along with title costs and other fees.

Do I Need to Buy Today?

You may want some time to think about your new Volkswagen before you buy, so you should ask how long the price is valid. This lets you know if you can sleep on it or if you need to make a decision on the spot. Make sure you visit with our financing center to see if there are any promotions or special offers you may qualify for.

What are the Test Drive Basics?

Never buy a car without taking it on a test drive around Fort Wayne first. Take a minute to ask about the test drive, including how long you can keep the car and where you can drive it around Indianapolis before you need to bring it back.

Is There Any Wiggle Room on the Price?

Consider asking if there is any leeway on the price of a new Volkswagen. You may find that you qualify for a rebate that brings down the price or that you can negotiate on the listed price.

At Vorderman Volkswagen, we want to help Toledo drivers, like you, find the new Volkswagen of your dreams. Stop by our lot if you live in the area to ask these questions and any others that are on your mind.

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